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  • "This challenge has literally changed my life, I began the Health Challenge after I recovered from a bicycle accident; and I was in very poor condition. With the challenge I was able to lose 8 pounds the first week and 24 pounds in 30 days. I've been disciplined with the challenge and now it's part of my daily routine. I have more energy and focus and I feel confident, healthy and wear a brilliant smile! My brothers have also joined the challenge and are changing their lives! Having good health is life and the challenge saved mine! Thanks!"


    Mignon Mignon
  • "Being part of this 'challenge' has literally changed my life. With small changes to my daily routine and following the Health and Wellness Super Guide, I've been able to recover my confidence, feel incredible and I've lost 4 sizes! I feel and look better in spite of my age and have turned back the clock."
    Lisa Lisa
  • David lost 49 pounds in 3 months following the Health and Wellness Super Guide. “I feel much healthier and better about losing all that weight and want to thank you for your inspiration and group support."
    David David
  • "Due to being over-weight I suffered from low self-esteem and lost my confidence. By following the 'Health Challenge' I not only lost the pounds, but also feel good when I see myself in the mirror and that's a reflection of the direction for my life. I'm very close to reaching my ideal weight and want to infinitely express my appreciation for the inspiration and support."
    Charlene Charlene
  • "My name is Ricardo and I've always suffered being over-weight. I've tried all possible ways to slim down, until I discovered this 'Health Challenge' and the marvelous products. I follow the Health and Wellness Super Guide and thank God today I'm arriving at my ideal weight. I've gone from 250 pounds (125 kilos) to 164 pounds a (82 kilos). Thanks!"
    Ricardo Ricardo
  • Karina lost 53 pounds in a time span of 3 months and said, “All I can say is: I'm happy with my transformation. I never thought I could achieve this. A Thousand Thanks!"
    Karina Karina
  • "If you desire to to lose unwanted fat, now is the moment to do it. I'm living proof that it's possible. Use the products recommended in the 'Health Challenge' and Health and Wellness Super Guide. Thanks!"
    Jeff Jeff

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